great times


Jam out with some of the best Bands on the West Coast and Baja California

A few of our Sponsors


     The original concept of the

International Blues & Arts Fiesta 

began in 2005 by the San Felipe 

Blues and Arts Society, consisting 

of Diane Grubb, Rick Rudd and 

Heather Penrod. And although it is 

not the same event today, the 

foundation created by these three 

individuals was solid.

2005: In 2005 they produced their 

first art show at the San Felipe 

Storage Facility owned by the 

Grubbs. Rick thought a little music

would be nice while people were 

looking at the art.

2008: In 2008 the San Felipe BC 

Lions Club took over the reins of the 

event, led by its founder, Gary Dilley

of San Felipe Disposal. It was an 

incredible year for the Blues. It went 

from a bar to the baseball field, 

reached out across all of Baja, 

Sonora, and both Southern 

California and Arizona to attract 

international artists. The event raised 

enough money to provide eye care, 

surgeries, and various other 

medical services and equipment 

for the San Felipe Community.

2009: In 2009, under new Lions President, 

Hal “Paco” Clark and Chairman of the 

Blues, Gary Dilley the Lions Club and an 

army of professionals, volunteers and 

supporters, the Fiesta was the best year to

date. They raised enough money to not 

only provide the medical support to the 

community but also help to build an 

orphanage for displaced and abused 


2010: in 2010, Lions President and Blues 

Chairman Gary Dilley & vice President 

Jim Moore and nearly 200 other supporters

presented a great Fiesta.

2011: The 2011 International Blues and Arts

Fiesta became a showcase for some of the

finest artists and best blues bands in this

part of the world. In 2011 president Jim 

Moore, Blues Chairman Gary Dilley the 

San Felipe Lions Club and hundreds of 

others helped to organize the 5th year of 

the Fiesta. The 5th Annual San Felipe 

Blues and Arts Fiesta featured the region’s 

best bands, which included for the first time,

some classic rock from Ensenada, along 

with the most creative artists in the area.

Blues and Arts, It gets no better


2012: In 2012, the 6th Annual San Felipe 

Blues and Arts Fiesta once again upgraded the 

event, and brought the event back to the beach. 

President & Blues Chairman Gary Dilley, Lions 

Members, Friends of Lions, volunteers and 

supporters promoted a Blues and Artsevent at a 

whole new venue, with a stellar blues lineup that 

includes a couple of B&A veterans, and six new 


2013: You once again see the Blues & Arts 

Fiesta raise the bar, not only for themselves, but 

for Baja and blues events throughout the region. 

Again the event has moved, this time to La 

Ventana del Mar Resort, at El Dorado Ranchan 

amazingly beautiful location surrounded by 

majestic mountains and the Sea of Cortez as a 


2014: In 2014 the San Felipe BC Lions Club, 

President Wayne Shafer, Blues Chairman 

Gary Dilley, Friends of Lions and hundreds of 

volunteers put on a spectacular Fiesta. The fiesta 

was an incredible celebration of blues music and 

art. We danced on the grass, took in the talents 

of local artisans and enjoyed the Baja sunshine!

2015: The 2015 show was the best year ever

for fundraising and exceeded all expectations.

In addition, the performers were a smash hit

with some new bands and and a couple of our

returning musicians. The show’s format was tweaked

to finish right as the sun went down, so a 

spetacular sunset was the perfect backdrop 

for the end of another successful year.

2016 was another excellent year.  Sponsorship increased

and the Lions Club of San Felipe was able to provide assistance to several new community projects..  

Great music and local art overlooking

the blue Sea of Cortez makes for a wonderful day.

2017  the International Blues and Arts Festival

was held on a warm day in March.

The Lions Club's new president, William Duclos, 

along with Lions Club Blues and Arts

long time coordinator, Gary Dilley,

put together a season that provided 

much needed support for our new hospital run by Dr. Israel.

2018  the Lion's Club joined forces with El Dorado Ranch in

organizing and executing the San Felipe  Blues and Arts

Festival.  Friday night kicked off the fun with great

music and food at the Pavilion.  The festival continued on Saturday with more great music, art, dancing and food.  The International Blues Festival continues to be 

a large charitable event and the money earned

at the Festival is donated to local community organizations

whose sole purpose is to assist the community.